"I like working with other classes, getting to know different people and what they are like."

Seren - Class 4

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Vandals Caught

I am very pleased to report that the young people responsible for the vandalism caused to the Pre-School and Early Years building have all been spoken to by our local PCSO. We have also managed to recover a few items that had gone missing last weekend, these were found along Marsh Lane. 





Indoor Athletics

WOW! Our Year 6 team retained the Indoor Athletics crown at the Burford Partnership Tournament and will look forward to the area finals later this month. Well done all. 





Meet the Iron Man

What wonderful parents we have! Mr Lewendon has created a wonderful Iron Man for Tarney Class out of varous items of scrap brought in by the children and sourced locally. Many thanks - they were delighted to meet him. 

Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 21.33.22




West Class Egyptian Museum

West Class curated an Egyptian museum this week, they have shown 232 visitors around their exhibits. The knowledge and clarity of their answers were fantastic. Well done all involved. 

Screen Shot 2017 12 05 at 21.36.57




Newsletter 8 September

This year we have a slightly new look to our Friday newsletter, which can now be found online  here, an electronic copy has also been emailed and a paper copy will be sent home this afternoon. 


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